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Making sure that you're accounting correctly for VAT is easier said than done, That's why many clients are happy to take advantage of our VAT-related services, which include compiling your quarterly VAT returns for you, ready for submission.

In fact, many VAT registered entities - from sole traders to major business - routinely underpay or overpay VAT or make other mistakes ranging from minor to major without even realising it - at least, that is, until HMRC comes knocking on their doors!

Other common VAT-related errors include incorrect rounding of VAT in calculations, issuing invoices that don't meet with HMRC's specifications and misunderstanding what's supposed to go where on VAT returns.

Whatever the size of your business, one thing's for sure: making mistakes with VAT won't go down well with HM Revenue & Customs.

Thankfully, we're fully versed in all of these issues and more. If you'd like help with completing VAT Returns and related forms, are seeking advice on VAT planning or you have a VAT inspection under way and would like us to get involved, we're ideally placed to offer expert support.

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