Services - VAT Registration and Deregistration

VAT registration and deregistration

We can help with VAT registration, VAT returns, VAT deregistration (perhaps as part of winding up a company) and provide advice and support on related matters.

For example, it can sometimes be to your advantage - whether as a sole trader, partnership, business or charity - to register for VAT before it's technically necessary to do so.

Equally, individuals may have failed to realise that they must register for VAT, perhaps when operating two or more businesses.

At Balanced Accounting, we can review your specific circumstances, offer recommendations and provide ongoing monitoring if you're approaching the VAT registration threshold.

Our VAT-related services include:

Assistance with completing VAT registration forms;

Advice regarding pre-registration VAT;

Advice regarding partial exemption and scheme options that apply to you;

Assistance on an ongoing basis with completing and submitting VAT Returns;

If you already are or will soon become eligible to de-register for VAT, we can provide assistance including in respect of claiming post-deregistration VAT.

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