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VAT Healthcheck

We offer affordably priced VAT Healthchecks, which help to check whether you're accounting for VAT in accordance with current VAT legislation and reduce the scope for VAT errors (we can't guarantee a total absence of errors, as this would involve checking all transactions).

The comprehensive range of services provided within our VAT Healthcheck are designed to:

Ensure that you're applying the right VAT schemes, including any that are appropriate to your specific type of business;

Check a sample of transactions to ensure their compliance with prevailing VAT rules;

Where required, update you or your staff regarding VAT rules;

Where partial exemption rules are applicable, check that VAT is being calculated correctly;

Run through our checklist of common VAT errors, advising as appropriate;

Compare Output VAT from returns to recorded turnover within your accounts;

Flag any VAT planning issues, cost savings or unused but relevant schemes;

Check that you are dealing correctly with any industry-specific issues that are known to be subject to HMRC target checks;

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