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Company registered office service

For Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships, we offer a Registered Office service.

By law, you're now required to provide details of your Registered Office on all written communications. It's also available for anyone to view free of charge on the Companies House website by simply searching on your company name or number.

Using our Registered Office service enables you to list our address as your Registered Office on all company communications, including on your letterheads, in email footers and, if you have one, on your website.

Our service may be especially useful if, for example, you run your company from your home, but don't want everyone to know your home address. Alternatively, you may feel it serves to create an impression that your business is bigger than it really is.

If you're also using our Company Secretarial and/or other accountancy services, we'll deal with much of the official post that gets sent to Registered Office addresses automatically, as it will tend to come from Companies House or HM Revenue & Customs and relate to matters such as annual returns or tax-related matters.

Otherwise, we'll simply forward any mail to you on the day we receive it. If you'd prefer us to recycle any junk mail that arrives for your company, we can gladly do that instead.

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