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Payroll (weekly or monthly)

In view of recent legal changes, it's especially important to ensure that PAYE returns are submitted both on time and with accurate calculations. The responsibility for completing the payroll properly lies firmly with employers who, if they get it wrong, will have to incur the costs and inconvenience of correcting matters.

We can run for payrolls for you, as part of a custom payroll service that includes:

Producing payslips for employees;

Providing you with monthly or weekly summaries;

Accommodating new staff and those ceasing their employment;

Calculating tax credits, student loan deductions, maternity pay and statutory sick pay;

Producing PAYE returns for HM Revenue & Customs;

Helping you set up automated payments for your staff;

Providing journal entries for importing to your in-house financial systems;

Completing Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns.

In addition to offering monthly or weekly payroll services, we also provide support for completing the following year-end, employment-related forms:

Employer's Annual Return - P35;

Employee summaries - P60 and P14;

Employee benefits and expenses returns - P11D and P9D;

We can help you with these year-end forms regardless of whether we run your payroll, including with the option of electronic filing.

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