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Company formations services

We offer a comprehensive company formations service, taking care to set up your new company in a way that matches your specific needs.

We can equip you with a ready-made, off-the-shelf company or form a custom-made limited company (Ltd), limited liability partnership (LLP), company limited by guarantee or an unquoted public company. If you're in a particular hurry, we can even arrange for a company to be formed the very same day.

Seeking our advice before setting up a new company or issuing any shares can be invaluable, especially if your plan is to transfer an existing business into a new company.

We've seen several examples where the process and implications haven't been properly considered. As a result, the parties have incurred significant legal fees to rectify their positions when, with some well-informed forward planning, they could have avoided such costly problems altogether.

To see if a particular company name is available, just visit and search for the name that you're considering. If the name doesn't’t appear in the results, it will most still likely be available when you come to register your new company.

We can also help advise you on potential names. For example, it's best to avoid using a company name that's been registered before, as it may have negative associations including poor credit ratings, non-payment issues, etc.

Depending upon your requirements, our company formation service can extend beyond the initial setting up of a company to cover other aspects including:

Advice on the pros and cons of creating a company given your particular circumstances;

Assessing potential cost savings arising from incorporation;

Appointment of company directors and advice on their duties and responsibilities;

Advice on the merits of appointing a company secretary;

If required, appointment of a company secretary and advice on their duties and responsibilities;

Issuing subscriber shares and dealing with any further share issues or transfers;

Providing a Registered office service, different to your own address;

Completing meeting minutes and company resolutions as required;

Help and advice on opening a business bank account (we also know many local bank managers, if you'd like our help in introducing you to a bank);

VAT registration and advice regarding any applicable schemes;

Registering your new company for Corporation Tax;

Establishing a PAYE scheme for your new company;

Advice on establishing book-keeping systems and procedures;

Support with business planning and seeking finance;

Provision of our FREE Incorporation Guide.

Want a quote for forming a company?

To discuss how we can help form YOUR new company or partnership, give us a call on 0330 111 5010 or complete our contact form. We'll be pleased to provide you with a free quote, without obligation.

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