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Business start-up advice

Ingredients that motivate most people to launch a business start-up include a strong belief in their product or service, an ability and commitment to take it successfully to a market of likely buyers and, of course, a desire to make money.

Unless they already happen to be accountants or lawyers, very few people setting up a new business would claim expertise in those fields as part and parcel of what they're bringing to their new project.

Thankfully, you can keep your focus firmly where it belongs by letting us take care of some of the legal and financial matters for you. At Balanced Accounting, we can help you with:

Deciding on the most suitable structure for your business, typically one of the following models: sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP) or limited company;

Preparing your business plan, including sales forecasts, cashflow modelling and budgeting;

Establishing your financial needs, including offering advice on potential sources of financing and helping you to prepare any finance proposals;

Finding and forging an effective relationship with a supportive bank;

Registering your new business with HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, as required by law;

Addressing issues associated with the (now optional) role of company secretary;

Establishing financial and accounting systems within your business that meet with legal requirements.

For pro-active support and assistance in getting your new business start-up off the ground, contact us to arrange a free initial meeting or discussion, with no obligation. We can also provide you with our FREE Business Start Up guide, which many clients have found useful when starting up their own businesses.

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To discuss how we can help with YOUR business start-up, give us a call on 0330 111 5010 or complete our contact form. We'll be pleased to provide you with a free quote, without obligation.

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