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If you're looking to find an accountancy job in the Tunbridge Wells area, you may wish to consider joining Balanced Accounting, working closely within a small but welcoming team. Having enjoyed steady business growth since launching in 2008, we're sometimes on the lookout for new recruits.

See below for any accountancy vacancy / vacancies that we're looking to fill and how to apply for an accountancy job in our practice, which is located just south of Tunbridge Wells in Bells Yew Green, near Frant.

Current accountancy job vacancies


We don't have any job vacancies at present, but thank you for your interest.


Considering a job with Balanced Accounting?

We like to believe that we take a refreshingly different approach to accountancy. Just as we believe in taking time to properly understand and help our clients, we also appreciate the importance of investing time and effort in building an outstanding team.

In her previous role, Hazel (founding partner) spent many years in a mid-sized accountancy practice, where she worked her way up from accounts assistant to partner, before leaving to establish Balanced Accounting.

Based on their combined experiences (good and bad), Balanced Accounting's partners aim to offer an open and supportive culture and a positive working environment - one in which our team members can learn, develop and flourish.

For Balanced Accounting to prosper, we need people who understand us and who fit well within our working style and team.

We have plenty of work across a wide range of technical areas and levels. And we believe it's more important to hire the right people (for whom we can find suitable work) than to focus purely on technical abilities (and risk finding that a person isn't right for our business).

If you feel that you might fit the bill for one of our current accounting job vacancies, please get in touch. Instructions for how to apply are included in the job description above.

How could Balanced Accounting help you?

To explore how we can help you or your business, please call for a FREE initial discussion or meeting with Hazel (a Chartered Accountant), with no obligation. Call 0330 111 5010 or complete our contact form.

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