Our Approach

Our philosophy

Some people ask us about the name, "Balanced Accounting". Is it just a play on words or is there something more to it?

With Balanced Accounting, we've set out to build from scratch a firm with a relaxed, open and constructive culture.

Some other factors behind our choice of name include our proactive approach to supporting our clients, our efforts to live and work in greener, more eco-friendly ways and an appreciation that neither our lives nor yours should be all about figures!

Hopefully how we work, the results we deliver and how you come to feel about us over time will live up to our choice of name.

Free initial consultation

Balanced Accounting offers a free consultation to discuss your requirements and to provide any initial advice where appropriate, with no obligation on your part.

If you'd like to arrange a meeting, please call Hazel on 0330 111 5010 during regular business hours.

We'd be pleased to welcome you at our office in Bells Yew Green, near Tunbridge Wells. Alternatively, if you prefer, we'd be happy to come to you. In fact, it's often very helpful for us to meet potential clients at their home or business premises - it can be easier to access any extra information that may be required and also generally helps us to build a better understanding of your business and/or personal circumstances.

If you'd like to talk, but aren't yet sure whether you'd like to meet, that's fine too. We're always happy to have exploratory chats by phone, so please don't hesitate to call us on 0330 111 5010 or to get in touch by using our online contact form.

Our fees

We don't like the idea of clients being faced with uncertainty or surprises when it comes to their accountancy fees, so wherever possible we aim to provide competitive, fixed price quotes for each service that we provide.

This means you can rest assured that, unless we've agreed otherwise, we'll only ever charge you the specified fixed amount - as quoted by us and agreed by you in advance.

We also don't like the idea of people feeling that they can't pick up the phone to their accountants, perhaps for fear of adding arbitrary extras to their bills. You'll be pleased to know that we don't charge extra for making or receiving quick phone calls. In fact, we'd prefer to be kept in the loop about any changes in your circumstances, so we can make sure we're still providing you with the right advice. We'd also welcome an opportunity to set your mind at rest, if there's something you're worrying about. So our clients can pick up the phone without worrying about nasty surprises to follow later.

Finally, we appreciate that more and more clients are preferring to spread the cost of their accountancy services over the course of each year, rather than fork out lump sums as bills fall due. If this type of arrangement appeals, we'll be happy to arrange for fees to be paid on a monthly basis, by direct debit or standing order - and we'll send you statements to keep you informed about the status of your account.

Does any of this make us sound a little bit different? We'd like to think so.


How could Balanced Accounting help you?

To explore how we can help you or your business, please call for a FREE initial discussion or meeting with Hazel (a Chartered Accountant), with no obligation. Call 0330 111 5010 or complete our contact form.

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